Weekly Wrap-Up: May 26-30

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A number of the stories  on Wamda this week highlighted passion, and turning it into your daily bread. Find out what challenges the entrepreneurs featured this week had to face in order to make it happen. 

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Meet the Egyptian entrepreneur building a digital brain

Egyptian entrepreneur behind digital brain KngineHow do you turn Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a startup? Haytham El Fadeel is an Egyptian entrepreneur and AI research who built Kngine with his brother. How is the semantic search engine close to a digital brain? Find out in this post.

The Arab World Competitiveness Report 2013: how the region can build more effective economies [Report]

Arab world competitiveness reportWhich country from the Arab world has the most competitive economy? And what are the major barriers to doing business in the region? Check out this report recently released by the World Economic Forum in Amman. 

Middle East Venture Partners invests $1.9 million in three scaling companies

MEVP investments

The Middle East Venture Partners investment vehicle has recently announced three investments in very different companies, one of them being a fast-food chain. Find out what they are and what this means for the three startups they've invested in.

3 tools to find and audit your best blog content

how to audit your blog content

If you're always looking for content for your startup's blog or your personal website, knowing what content works best with your audience is key. This post by LEBSEO Founder and Wamda contributor Wissam Dandan tells you how.

How Hijabik is serving the booming hijab market with a lean approach

HijabikWith 70% of women in Jordan wearing hijab and even higher numbers in North Africa, it is clear that there's a big market for high-quality headscarves. Inspired by the Lean principle, founders Fouad Jeryes and Amy Kyleen Lute build their startup inch-by-inch. Read Hijabik's story here.

Meet the three Brits who moved to a Moroccan surf town to launch their startup

Meet the three Brits who moved to a Moroccan surf town to launch their startup

This team originally started up in Chile as part of Startup Chile, then moved on to the TechStars Seattle accelerator program. Now, they're working on their startup, Maptia, from Morocco. Why choose M? Find out in this post

Launching a fishing startup in the Gulf

FishfishmeIf you were to plan your own fishing trip on your own, chances are you wouldn't know where to start; this is where FishFishMe comes in. Find out how the platform can help you customize and book your trip in less than 24 hours, in this post.

5 reasons you should accept a new position even if it terrifies you

reasons to accept a challenging job positionIf you're in the market for a job, then this post might give you just the boost you need. Check out 5 reasons why you should accept a challenging position, even if it scares you. Which one speaks to you the most?

Cairo’s PushBots introduces simple tweet-to-notify push notifications


PushBots allows app developers to incorporate push technology into their applications without any hassle. Find out about the recent briliant notification service they've worked on in this post.

Could Morocco's Made in Medina be the next Time Out for the Arab world?

Made in MedinaContent company Made in Medina has recently expanded to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, and even Brussels. How did it go from a simple online city guide selling ad space to a full-blown franchise? Read about this, as well as what their new revenue streams they're testing, in this post

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