Weekly Wrap-Up: December 02-06

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This week has been especially full of advice on what to do and what not to do. Check out our posts for some legal advice as well as what not to do when pitching your product. Don't forget to share with us the best and worst you've heard!

Pic of the Week

Navigating through the Legal MazeIt is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to get frustrated when registering their business or focusing on the legal aspect of getting a business up and running. With all the processes out there, the question is, how do you navigate throughout this maze? Find out what Wamda Features editor Glen had to say about it here.

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Entrepreneur of the Week

Entrepreneur of the Week: Mohammed Kazim of Allinque

Find out how after realizing how busy his schedule was, Mohammed Kazim got inspired to launch a platform offering simple personal assistant services. Watch his interview as he discusses how Allinque operates and what they learned form being on du's reality TV show “The Entrepreneur.”

Articles You Might Have Missed

A Chat with Joi Ito: Why Agile Startups are More Likely to Succeed [Wamda TV]

Joi Ito

In the first installment of a three part video interview with Joi Ito, entrepreneur, investor, and director of the MIT Media Lab, he explains why we need a new mindset for this uncertain era he calls Now-ism. What is Now-ism and how does Joi make decisions in his life? Find out here

Morocco’s Stagiaires Makes Intern Recruitment Simple

StagiairesMoroccan recruiters are now familiar with online recruitment platforms such as Rekrute.com, Bayt.com, and others, but it is still difficult for students to find internships, and for managers to find interns. How does Stagiaires.ma fill this need for connections between potential interns and managers? Find out here

A Chat with Dan Isenberg on Scaling and the Government in Entrepreneurship [Wamda TV]

Dan IsenbergWatch our interview with Babson University professor and Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP) founder Dan Isenberg as he discusses how he thinks governments can enable entrepreneurship ecosystems and what they can do to encourage scaling. What does he think entrepreneurs need to do in order to scale? Find out here.

How to Post Arabic Content Online: A Google Hangout Tutorial

Arabic WebWant some hot tips on how to write digital Arabic content? Join the Arabic Web Days initiative's first Google Hangout On Air this Monday, where Maya Rahal will share easy, quick and straightforward advice for writing Arabic on the web. Find out more here.

Dubai Entrepreneurs Debate Startup Challenges at Shelter’s New Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Shelter DubaiWhat happened when Shelter invited budding entrepreneurs to share their experiences with a crowd of their peers? Find out what the ideas, stories and tips were centered on here.

Online Review Site Wins Startup Weekend Doha

Startup Weekend DohaThis past weekend, Startup Weekend Doha witnessed more than 30 up-and-coming entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas. What set Doxa, the winner, apart from the others and who were the runners-up? Find out here.

12 Facts to Celebrate the 20th Birthday of SMS [Stats]

SMS 20th BirthdayThis week, the world celebreated the 20th birthday of Short-Messaging Service, better known as SMS. Check out 12 interesting facts about SMS and mobile use in the Arab world, Africa, and the across the globe.

Building a Culture of Sustainable Development in Bahrain

Leena Al Olaimy may seem soft-spoken, but she's direct when it comes to what Bahrain's private sector needs into order to create a more sustainable social and economic environment. Starting the first sustainable development consultancy in Bahrain, 3BL Associates, along with her brother, was hard at first, but companies are now seeing the value of a multistakeholder approach. Read about her work to challenge the status quo.

Expanding Job Resources for Young Professionals in the Arab World [Wamda TV]

TicklemybrainWe met with ticklemybrain founder Tara Nehme at the Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program event during Global Entreprenreurship Week in Beirut. Ticklemybrain is a career resource portal and offers young professionals resources and tips on how to successfully apply for jobs and market themselves to potential employers. Find out how it all started here.

Syria Explained: Syria Deeply Maps Conflict in Context with New Media Tools

Syria Conflict MappedWhen Lara Setrakian found out through a Pew Center study that the number one reason that Americans don’t follow more foreign news is lack of background, she decided to fill that gap and building the site over the past two and a half months was a personal calling. See her data visualization of the conflict in Syria here.

How the Middle East Tweets: Rankings of Connected Arabs on Twitter [Report]

How the Middle East TweetsA recent report on “How the Middle East Tweets” reveals the 50 most connected Twitter users in the region. Who are the most connected tweeters in each country? Find out here.

10 Sentences You Should NOT Include in Your Pitch to Investors in the Middle East

10 Sentences You Should NOT Include in Your Pitch to Investors in the Middle EastWhat are some of the worst things you could say during a pitch? We’ve got 10 examples for you here.

Facebook's 25 Most Popular Games: Lessons for Arab Developers

Facebook's 25 Most Popular Games: Lessons for Arab DevelopersFacebook has just announced the 25 most popular social games in 2012. Who tops the chart and how many titles do FreshPlanet and Zynga have on the list? Find out here.

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