Weekly Wrap-Up: September 30 - October 04

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This week, we've highlighted a number of startups that keep on setting the bar higher for themselves. What drives you to go further?

Pic of the Week

They say a little competition can't hurt. Find out what Maya, our Managing Editor, had to say about it in our 'Pic of the Week' entry, and tell us if it drives you to strive to stand out.

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Entrepreneur of the Week

Entrepreneur of the Week: Abdullah Mando of UTURNThis week's 'Entrepreneur of the Week' is Abdullah Mando, of Saudi production house UTURN Entertainment. Abdullah discusses how founding a production house has always been close to a dream of his. Watch his interview here to learn how UTURN averaged 20-30 million users per month last year.

Articles you Might have Missed

LinkedIn Enters the MENA Region

LinkedIn Enters MENA Region

A month ago, we posted about the possibility of LinkedIn entering the Middle East market. This week, we told you that LinkedIn has officially opened office in Dubai. Read more about it here. 

10 Arab Gaming Startups to Watch

10 Gaming Startups You Need to WatchThis week, we've highlighted 10 gaming startups from the MENA who are doing it right. Read more to find out what makes these startups stand fiercely against international competition.

Is Jabbar Looking to Sell One of Its Companies? Rumor Swirl

Is Jabbar looking to sell one of its portfolio companies? Read more about the rumor and what Jabbar chairman and CEO Samih Toukan had to say about it here.

Meet the Bahraini Woman Serial Entrepreneur who Runs Two Companies at Once

Doa'a Essa Abdul WahabDoa'a Essa Abdul Wahab admits to loving food and knowing how to cook, yet she never imagined herself getting into the food business. So how does she manage to keep her two companies running? Read here to find out.

12 Tips for Optimizing SEO on your Magento E-commerce Site

Looking to ramp up on your e-commerce? Time to optimize your SEO. Read this post by Mohanad Ghashim, CEO of ShopGo.me and Wamda contributor, for tips and tricks for giving your search a boost.

A Peek At Iran's Digital Consumption in 2012 [Infographic] 

Chimigi, Iran's first online research panel, released an infographic of the country's digital consumption in 2012. Check out Iran's consumer trends in Internet and mobile usage here.


Startup Events You Should Know About

StartupQ8 Event Launches to Unite Entrepreneurs in Kuwait

StartupQ8Last week's StartupQ8 event was a huge success. The event even hosted a Q&A session with the co-founders of Dishadah Express. Find out here how Abdallah Al-Shalabi, who is behind both the blog and the event, prepared for it and what the highlights were by the man himself.

Can the Palestinian Diaspora Help? New Ramallah Hi Tech Hub Says Yes

Can the Palestinian Diaspora Help? New Ramallah Tech Hub Says YesOver 500 students, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and other tech enthusiasts attended the kickoff of the Hi-Tech Hub event series. Find out how the event went, and what advice Sami Shalabi, software inventor and entrepreneur now at Google, had to give here.

Why MENA Needs Startup Weekend

If you were in Sharjah, we hope you didn't miss Startup Weekend Sharjah. Read more to learn about the pitches, including that of a 9 year old CEO.

Startup Weekend Alexandria: Still the Best Entrepreneurship Event in Egypt

Were you at Startup Weekend Alexandria? Read here to find out why Wamda contributor Omar Aysha calls it the best entrepreneurship event in Egypt.

SeedStartup's First Demo Day Reveals Global Products

Find out which startup secured an investment on SeedStartup Demo day, and read about the other startups that were pitching here.

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