Weekly Wrap-Up: December 23-27

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In our last wrap-up for the year, we share with you posts highlighting advice from some of the region's leading experts, as well as tips on how to jumpstart the year 2013. What's on your plate?

Pic of the Week

Pic of the Week: Have Fun: Short Term is Short Term

While it's important to be able to get down to business and churn out tasks, it is equally as important to remember (how) to have fun. Our last In her post, Wamda Managing Editor Maya mentions that one of your prioritized resolutions should be: Having Fun. Find out why and share your own resolutions with us in our last addition to the 'Pic of the Week' series for this year.

Upcoming Events

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Entrepreneur of the Week

Niall Sallam of Elevision This week's 'Entrepreneurs of the Week' is Niall Sallam, founder of Elevision, an elevator content broadcasting company in Dubai. Find out what inspired Niall to come up with the idea of Elevision and why he thinks this type of messaging medium is very effective in our interview with him.

Articles you Might have Missed 

Do You Want To Write on Wamda? Publish A Story and Win a Free WamdaCard Subscription

Win with WamdaNow is your chance to write your own posts on Wamda! We are opening up our platform for you to write for the largest audience in the Arab world - and win a free subscription to WamdaCard, giving you access to discounts and access to exclusive events. Find out more and get to writing!

Ain Media to Change Palestine's Typical Image in the Media [Wamda TV]

Ain Media in GazaAin Media is a media and art agency in Gaza. The idea was sprung from the need to showcase the palestinian conflict form a different angle that the one usually diffused on media outlets. So they decided to produce creative content and videos and pictures carrying a strong message instead. Find out more about them in this post

Music Marketing Platform Helps Artists Go Viral in the Arab World

Music platform Alfan GroupWith Youtube helping to propel artists to fame overnight, it has become clear that the rules of the music promotion game have changed - and music platform Alfan Group knows just what strings to pull to make it work. Find out the story behind it.

Tunisian Entrepreneurs Reveal Post-Revolution Challenges at Wamda Tunis Meetup

Wamda Tunis Meet and GreetA couple of weeks ago, Wamda organized a meet and greet with Tunisian entrepreneurs in partnership with the Global Shapers Tunis Hub. Find out about entrepreneurship in Tunisia and the highlights of the event in this post.

5 Applications that Help You Organize Daily Tasks

5 Apps to help you Organize your TasksEveryone multitasks to a certain extent. How do you keep track of everything you need to do? We've picked 5 applications that can help you get organized.

Meet the Moroccan Winners of the Maghreb Startup Initiative

Moroccan Winners of the Maghreb Startup InitiativeThe Maghreb Startup Initiative 2012 has announced their Moroccan winners. Find out who made it from 325 applications and 37 semifinalists in this post.

How to Create an Efficient Virtual Team Office: Hsoub's Solution

Wordpress P2With long-distance work and working remotely becoming so common, it is clear that one of the keys to remaining successful is good internal organization. Find out what the folks at web development company Hsoub use in this post.

Launching the First Arabic Platform for Expert Electronics Reviews in Egypt [Wamda TV]

ReviewzatReviews can be one of the strongest selling points or deal breakers when it comes to purchasing a new electronic device. Find out how Reviewzat plans to offer both video and written reviews for electronic products and services in this post.

Mix N' Mentor Panel

Our last series for this year comes straight from our Mix N' Mentor events. Check out the topics covered on the panel featuring Fadi Ghandour, Muhammed Mekki, Joi Ito, Brian Sigafoos and moderated by Wamda CEO Habib Haddad.

  1. Agility, Focus and the Power of Pull: Tips from Fadi Ghandour and Joi Ito
  2. Why Entrepreneurs Don't Need MBAs to Succeed
  3. How the Private Sector Can Support Startups
  4. Entering the Saudi Market, and Global Trends for 2013
  5. Why Gamers Make Great Managers & Tips on Startup Culture

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