Weekly Wrap-Up: March 24-28

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Feeling inspired this week? Check out this week's top posts to learn how to pitch in under 12 minutes, choose which of Egypt's coworking spaces to try, or learn why, or not, appearance matters in the workplace. 

A Reality Check for Gamers in the Arab world

A reality check for Gamers in the arab worldGaming panel at Arabnet Beirut: What were the main ideas panelists agreed on when it comes to target audience and failure? Features editor Glen attended the gaming panel and gathered the highlights in this post.

Curious about what was said during the heated panel on Mobile Music? Check out what our Operations Manager Fares wrote in his summary of events.

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Does Appearance Affect Your Chances at Success in the Workplace?

Does appearance affect your chances at success in the workplaceDo you think the way you dress could either help or get in the way of your success in the workplace? How about what employers think? Check out this infographic by Bayt.com to find out this, and more information on how your appearance can have on your career.

5 Takeaway Questions from ArabNet Beirut 2013

Takeaway questions from ArabNet Beirut This year, Arabnet Beirut focused on new sectors such as F&B, mobile music, offline companies going online,  and social entrepreneurship. What were the main questions raised, and what were the most popular ideas among the panelists?

7 Co-working Spaces in Cairo

7 coworking spaces in EgyptHave this great idea for a startup and ready to change to world? Here is a great round-up of 7 co-working spaces in Egypt and the facilities they offer. Which ones have you already visited?


Investors in Egypt: Who's Hot, Who's Not

Investors in Egypt Wamda contributor Omar Aysha surveyed over 200 entrpereneurs to find out which investors were the most popular and why. Find out who egyptian entrepreneurs think are the country's main players in the investment firm field in this post.

Will Saudi Gamers Enjoy a New FarmVille-style Title for the Arab World?

Saudi Gamers Enjoy a New Farmville Style title for the Arab worldOne of Egypt's leading game developers, Nezal Entertainment, has just launched a new social game they've called Elmadinah. How is this title similar to other city-building games, and what elements have Nezal added to make it more social? Find out in this post.

How to Pitch in 12 Minutes: Tips from Omar Sati of Dash Ventures

How to pitch in 12 minutesIf you're preparing your next pitch, you better make it a short one. So what do VCs want to hear about your startup in under 12 minutes? Find out in this post by Omar Sati, Managing Director at DASH ventures.

Could France's Innovative New Coding School be Replicated in the Arab World?

The New Development School in France by Xavier NielThis week, Xavier Niel from France operator Free announced that he, along with some of the top brains from EduTech, would be launching a completely new concept for coding school. What makes it 'revolutionary'? Find out in this post.

13 Quick Stats about Internet Usage in the Middle East [Stats]

13 quick stats about internet usage in the Middle EastAt ArabNet, Elie Aoun, Regional Manager of Ipsos revealed the results of a study the firm conducted of internet usage in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, and Kuwait.

Social Media Awards Beirut Announces Finalists, Public Voting Begins

Social Media Awards BeirutThe Social Media Awards Beirut have recently announced their competition finalists, as selected by a panel of expert judges. Find out if your favorites made the cut in this post.

Is 3 Months of Startup Acceleration Enough? We Ask the Crowd

Is 3 months of acceleration enoughThe first of Arabnet Beirut's panels was entitled “The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem - Measuring Our Progress”, where panelists discussed what challenges entrepreneurs face, as well as what support systems they could find. Once the panel was done, we asked the crowd: Is 3 months of acceleration enough? Find out what they had to say

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