Simple Ideas, Test Them [Pic of the Week]

This week we've reflected on Startup Weekend Beirut and talked to the winners, looked at tech startups working to disrupt education in the Middle East, thought about the future we want, and chatted with Entrepreneur of the week Bassam Jalgha, who's working to build a culture of creativity in the hardware domain. 

We've heard from Morocco about the winners of the BeMyApp competition, looked at Google I/O and what Arab entrepreneurs are inspired to bring back into the region, and even checked out how startups can use Google Analytics' new Social Media features to test out their social media strategy.

All of these communities at Startup Weekends, mobile competitions and mobile accelerators, Google I/O, and hackerspaces in Beirut and the world, are simply working to test ideas. Whether it's Google testing the ability of skydivers to dive and Hangout live using Google Glass, Lebanese startup Brate experimenting with what kind of location reviews work best, or N2V testing the model of a new mobile-focused accelerator, Startappz, entrepreneurship- especially in the tech, web, and mobile space- is all about testing out ideas.

What is your startup testing today?

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